The term “endless” crops up very often and practically everywhere when it comes to drive and conveyor belts. However on further investigation, the respective products turn out to be only glued or connected sections. Because producing what we call real endless or seamless belts is anything but easy.

Worldwide, only a small number of companies have the technology required to produce a belt with no joints whatsoever. And there are even fewer companies which can manufacture these endless belts in any length up to 10 000 mm.


  • A real endless belt ensures perfect power transmission since it has no structural weak points as found in joined belts.
  • With no bonding points or joints, the belt is well balanced and runs smoothly. This reduces vibration, resulting in less stress and increased service life of mechanical drive components, e.g. bearings, and thus of the entire equipment.
  • Endless belts are extremely easy to maintain because they have no points at which dirt can accumulate. They are therefore ideal for all applications in which the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are decisive factors.
  • Thanks to our special production procedure, BGK ENDLESS BELTS can be made to be elastic or low-stretch and can be stable as well as tear resistant at the same time. Given their high flexibility, the belts adjust to the previously defined installation situation perfectly. This makes for stable running also at low pretension.

Given these advantages, endless belts are the optimal and sustainable solution from an economic perspective.


BGK ENDLESS BELTS are the perfect solution for a broad range of application areas.


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