The characteristics of endless belts are defined by the carcass and, above all, by the one- or two-sided coating. Mainly three materials are used for BGK ENDLESS BELTS: – polyurethane, neoprene, and silicone.

The belts are given additional functions by further processing, such as perforating, punching, and milling.

FAST, STRONG, And flexible
THE PolyurethanE BELT

Polyurethane is an extremely versatile plastic; it can be elastic to rigid. It is therefore used as an all-rounder for coatings on many high-quality BGK ENDLESS BELTS.

resistant and flexible
the neoprene belt

In its vulcanized form, neoprene has high chemical stability, is very resistant, and at the same time highly flexible, which makes it ideal for transferring forces and power in rapid and powerful drive systems.


Silicone as a synthetic polymer is used in both wet and dry areas and can be used in both extreme hot and cold conditions. It is very well suited for direct contact with food and hygiene sector applications.

THE individual SOLUTION

These three dimensions of our modular kit are the basis for your perfect solution. Use our configurator to design your individual ENDLESS BELT …