Highest cleanliness and materials approved for direct contact with food are the main requirements for conveyor belts in the food industry. BGK ENDLESS BELTS are used, for instance, when it comes to distributing food into sales units, such as cutting and packaging of cold cuts, but also for special applications in the production of twisted pastries.

Whenever the belt is in direct contact with the foodstuff, BGK SILICONE BELTS are the first choice because they fulfill EU und FDA requirements, have a high friction coefficient, are temperature resistant, the transported goods stay on the belt without sticking to it and because the belts are easy to clean, washable, and remain dimensionally stable.

BGK ENDLESS BELTS are also used in food packaging machines. Today, weighing food by hand as used to be the practice in corner stores is mostly history. The majority of the products we buy at the supermarket is already packaged. And the machines that package our food require a large number of conveyor belts – be it for horizontal and vertical flow packs, strapping machines, labelling applications, tube winding machines or the production of folding boxes.