In spite of the digitization movement, billions of letters are still mailed on a daily basis worldwide.

In order to get these letters to their destination safely and, above all, as quickly as possible, large international post authorities and other large providers of postal services use state-of-the-art sorting equipment allowing fully automated sorting of mail items.

These systems are equipped with a large number of belts, the basic requirements for which are highest possible reliability and durability. This application is not made easier by the large number of different paper formats and weights as well as different surfaces with varying friction coefficients. A 180 mm thick C4 envelope made from Tyvek has completely different characteristics than a 20 g, stapled magazine open on three sides or a shrink-wrapped mail item.

In addition, particular tasks must be fulfilled using specialized belt types at each point in the system. The correct friction coefficient which must – in spite of dust, dirt and rubbed-off paint particles – remain constant over the entire service life of the belt is particularly important. Damage caused by belts must by all means be avoided.

BGK ENDLESS BELTS offer perfect solutions for a large number of areas in the system.